Southern Trelawny Environmental Agency

Southern Trelawny Environmental Agency

Working toward economic development and Cockpit Country conservation since 1996


Schools Competition

The Schools Competition is the opening event of Trelawny Yam Festival. The Competition involves students' aged 8-18 presenting song, poetry and dance under a theme related to Trelawny.

Farmer's Field Celebration

The Farmer's Field Celebration focuses on the community of south Trelawny and showcases the history, culture and activities of the yam farmer, the occupation of nearly 70% of the area's residents. Grassroots food, drink, music and everyday life are on display with an attempt to promote a positive image of the old-time culture of the Jamaican countryside, which is disappearing in today's modern world. Fun activities including yam-hill digging, hot yam eating, champion farmer, tug-of war, rum drinking and many others.

Trelawny 1/2 Marathon

The 3rd event of Trelawny Yam Festival is the Trelawny 1/2 Marathon. The Marathon highlights the communities of Falmouth, the parish capital, and Bounty Hall, both in north Trelawny. Falmouth's historic Water Square is the start and finish point of the race and stages the opening ceremony and awards ceremony, allowing the community of Falmouth to showcase its historical significance. Bounty Hall, a community known for its sporting prowess, is the half-way point of the race. The community serves as a watch point for race fans and provides an opportunity for Bounty Hall community to showcase itself through a series of planned activities throughout the day.

King and Queen Pageant

The King and Queen Pageant showcases the talent of Trelawny's youth to an international audience. The seven young men and seven young women selected to participate in the Pageant represent their individual communities, the Parish of Trelawny and the nation of Jamaica. Contestants dramatize the culture and folklore of Trelawny and yam country.

50K Cycle Race

The 50K Cycle Race starts Falmouth and winds through the Cockpit Country communities of Sawyers, Mahogany Hall, Ulster Spring, ending in Albert Town where the awards ceremony is staged.

Beach Volleyball

Burwood Beach, Trelawny


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